KJBP1270Cropped In a world that celebrates boxed in thinking, it’s refreshing to find someone who thinks outside of one. Someone who possesses the ability to conform, but would rather not. A master of piecing things together when others cannot, and an architect capable of organizing your thoughts for you when you have no idea what you want to see… A teacher, instructor, educator, manager, organizer and above all, creative genius, that someone is Kelly Campbell.

She may not be the namesake for the clerical wonders that turned a supplemental need into what we now know as the modern staffing industry, but Kelly makes Dreams Come True just the same.

Need to turn your daughter’s favorite doll into a cake, but don’t know where to start? Want candles at your wife’s baby shower, but can’t decide between a sand or water base? Want apple dumplings, but your budget only allows for biscuits?

Just ask Kelly. She’ll make it happen.

A natural out of the box thinker, Campbell is the rare individual that maintains a balance between her God given creative abilities and corporate structured business management. Fast and efficient, she does whatever it takes to get the job done, oft times enlisting an atypical approach that breeds magnanimous results.

While Campbell’s artistic prowess was unearthed at an early age, in the kitchen, and eventually via arts & crafts, her foray into the corporate world was a bit more abrupt.

“It just kind of happened. A friend was leaving a job and she knew I needed one,” Campbell says. “She told me to apply and she would teach me everything I needed to know.”

Within a few days Kelly had all but mastered the ins and outs of her Administrative Assistant duties and to her surprise, enjoyed the idea of putting things together behind the scenes. Before long she graduated to office management where she would continue to blossom as a leader and an organizer.

“If I have to run around to make sure everyone has what they need, that’s okay,” she says. “The finished product is what I want to see. And I want it done right, which means you have to have the right tools to get there.

“So going into office management is just organizing and making sure everything is there and everything is working.”

To the day, Corporate America has continued to beckon Kelly and she’s answered, providing staggering production that makes her an irresistible find in a watered down market. On the flip side, her creative ingenuity flourishes by the day in and out of structured locales. Whether it’s the office setting she spruces up for a weekly meeting, or the wedding she planned in three months, Kelly’s instincts are quickly establishing her as a go to Event Planner, capable of pulling off any occasion.